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COVID-19 UpdatePage


We at Jon Cooke Physiotherapy are thinking of you all in these uncertain times. Patient wellbeing and safety is our overriding priority. In accordance with our Professional Body’s guidelines we are now able to offer face to face appointments, but are continuing to offer telephone and video consultations.  Please contact us for further information.

We want all our patients to stay well. Your recovery and rehabilitation remains important to us and we want to continue to serve you albeit in a different way during these different times.  

We would like to thank you for your continued support and hope that all of our customers, families and friends remain safe and well.


During these current times life is different for us all and whilst we are all adapting to our new “normal” there are also going to be some consequential side effects to our bodies ….

If any of these are you or you have had a ‘niggling’ injury for some time that you have never had a chance to deal with or you have an ongoing issue which you thought you wouldn’t be able to deal with during lock down….., now is the perfect time to seek our expert advice. 

We are now offering video consultations to all clients. 

How much is a video consultation?

At present most major healthcare insurance providers are covering video consultations as an alternative method at this time. However, it is worthwhile just checking with them to confirm prior to arranging an appointment. 

If you are self-funding, we are currently offering these sessions at a reduced rate. Please contact us for further information.

What do I need to wear?

We would ask you to wear appropriate clothing so that we can clearly see the injury site whilst on the call. 

What can I expect?

Initially we will ask you some background questions, such as how did the injury occur?, What are your symptoms? Exact location of pain? What causes your pain to increase? etc…

Then we will ask you to conduct a series of specific movements which will allow us to observe you in further detail and identify any limitations that you may have and what might be causing your pain.

Following this we will talk you through our diagnosis and explain the things that can be done to help you with your recovery. At this stage, we will take you through a series of home exercises to help achieve this. We will demonstrate the exercises and then observe you doing them, so as to make sure they are being conducted appropriately.

But how can you help me without doing a physical examination on me?

You’ll be surprised at how much we can do just by watching how you perform specific movements. Just by looking at how your joints are moving along with your posture etc… will give us a good idea of where your issue is arising from. 

I do not have any home exercise equipment?

Not to worry at all, we will discuss this with you from the outset when prescribing a home exercise programme. Most of the time, all you need is a bit of floor space.

What if I forget the exercises given to me?

Following your consultation you will receive an email from ourselves outlining what we went through in the consultation, i.e. our diagnosis etc.. You will then receive a separate email with a link in it to open up a specific individualised exercise program. This will have photos of each individual exercise that has been prescribed to you, and in most cases there will be a video function that you can click on to see exactly how the exercise is done. In addition, it will tell you the number of sets and reps that we would like you to complete. 

So don’t hesitate and let an underlying injury hold you back, whether it be acute or one that’s been there for some time. Now is the ideal time to get it sorted, so you can make a speedy recovery when we return to our normal life. Give us a call and we’re sure we can assist you in achieving your goal.